Endorsements for Elizabeth Lavertu

California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus

"Women in the legislature account for only 31 percent in both the Senate and Assembly. Although we still lack gender parity, we hope to continue to grow our representation with women like you. The communities in the 71st Assembly District need your strong voice to represent them in Sacramento. Democratic women in the Senate and Assembly are leaders and we continue to advance legislation and issues that improve the lives of women and children. We work collaboratively for a better California and we hope to have you join our ranks by representing the 71st Assembly District." - Connie M. Leyva, Chair

Congressional Candidate Liam O'Mara

"Hers is a compelling vision for the future of her district, with policy priorities that will immediately benefit her constituents and improve the quality of life. And her commitment to that district is reflected in her long experience as a community advocate for schools and economic development. The simple fact is, our living standards are slipping as the cost of living rises, and Liz has plans to tackle the affordability of housing and the homeless crisis, our skyrocketing health care costs, and our crumbling infrastructure. On top of that, I know Liz as a person of integrity and diligence, who wants to serve the public interest and will put the good of the 71st before her own. I urge you to give her your trust and your vote." - Liam O'Mara, Candidate

Todd Gloria


Betty Yee
County Controller


Kristine Alessio

Hon. Kristine Alessio

Jennifer Mendoza

Jennifer Mendoza

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